[P!ATD – Ryan/Brendon] softlyforgotten – Just A Teenage Douchebag, Baby

Title: Just A Teenage Douchebag, Baby
Author: softlyforgotten
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: Ryan is going to have a Good Day. (A high school AU)

LJ | AO3

OMG THIS FIC! Oh, the Ryan in this, how he’s just so self-absorbed and asshole-ish, but gosh, I still liked him anyway! I loved him deciding to have a Good Day because of what Spencer said, lol.

“Oh,” he said. “I knew you were going to get all thingy about this—”

“I’m not thingy,” Ryan told him, voice low and dangerous. “I’m in a good mood. See?” He smiled deliberately, baring his teeth.

Seriously, the Ryan, Jon, Spencer dynamic in this is awesome, lol. XP

AND, OH GOD, Brendon in this!! He totally stole my heart, he’s so adorable! Oh, oh, his crush on Ryan and how he tries and Ryan is oblivious, of course he is, but he just tries SO HARD, GAHHHH! And the part where Brendon reverse-censors himself, oh goodness, I just wanted to SQUISH HIM because, poor baby, he’s so awkward trying to fit in! =(

And then there was their English study session and Ryan venting to Brendon and GAH, can you say misunderstanding?!

“—and then I fucking fell over in front of this dude I have a big, dumb crush on,” he said some time later, discarding the last of his dignity (it was just Brendon), and Brendon made a weird, choking noise. Ryan looked up sharply. “Is that a problem?” he asked, coldly. “That I like guys?”

“No!” Brendon said, quickly. He swallowed hard; Ryan watched the drag of his Adam’s apple against his throat. “No, I mean – I know all about big, dumb crushes, go on.”

“Not as dumb as mine,” Ryan said glumly. “I always looked down on the morons who were dumb enough to like ridiculously straight guys, too. I have no self-respect.”

“Um,” Brendon said. “Are you sure? That he’s straight, I mean, he – he might not be.”

“Well, he’s dating Ashlee Simpson, so I’m pretty sure,” Ryan drawled, and Brendon’s face looked suddenly soft, and maybe something else, too, maybe kind of vulnerable. His eyelashes were very long, Ryan noticed out of the blue, long and dark against his skin when he blinked.

GAH! I bet Brendon was totally thinking that a) OMG Ryan is gay and b) Ryan fell in front of me and c) Ryan likes me! and oh OH OH, Ryan had to smash his dream to pieces! Poor dear!

“I want a mango smoothie,” he decided out loud, catching up with where Jon and Spencer had wandered ahead.

“What a surprise,” Spencer said, grinning, and they walked into the mall. “You always get a mango smoothie, I don’t know why you felt the need to announce it like that.”

“You kind of do,” Brendon agreed, and Ryan opened his mouth to say something bitchy, and then closed it, head snapping up. Brendon was wearing the stupidest uniform Ryan had ever seen – seriously, pastel purple – and was standing behind the counter at the Smoothie Hut smiling at him.

Ryan stared at him. “I didn’t know you worked here,” he said, and Brendon’s face fell.

“Dude, Brendon serves us, like, every time we come in,” Jon said, and Spencer thumped Ryan hard enough on the arm that Ryan knew he was legitimately annoyed and not just laughing at Ryan.

OH RYAN, YOU ARE KILLING BRENDON, OMG! Seriously, seriously, so oblivious! And poor Brendon, I don’t even know how he has the nerves to keep trying when Ryan is a total asshole! GAH!

But I’m glad that Ryan finally caught on because, really, Brendon is just so obvious and cute and dorky and obviously perfect for Ryan, really. *heart*

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