[P!ATD – Brendon/Ryan] Zee – In The Sound

Title: In The Sound
Author: Zee
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: “How could you walk away from it? Why are you still walking away?”

In The Sound | Alternative Link

Oh gosh, this is so good! I loved how Brendon deciding to quit the band was handled, how he didn’t know until he got there that he wanted out. And it kind of hurt in the best way what happened after, you know, because Brendon could have quit early on, with all the things he had to deal with and it makes me so sad to even contemplate that. =( But yes, I love the life that he built for himself, going to hair-dressing school and being good at it and singing in the choir as a way to keep music in his life, and reconnecting with his family. Then suddenly Ryan was back and it was a little hurt-y and bittersweet. And I’m not gonna lie, I kind of wanted Brendon to go back (like, a lot a lot!), but I can understand why he didn’t (even though it made me so sad!) and it was definitely the right choice for this Brendon, so I’m glad that the end happened the way it did (though I would NOT say no to a sequel or five. XP).

Also, my favorite little bit:

But music has always been with Brendon and it always will be, famous rock band or no. He doesn’t need to share it with the world.

And Ryan’s the same way. Brendon’s always going to have him next to his heart like a shard that’s worked its way in, and it doesn’t matter whether they’re performing together or not.

My heart! ♥ Seriously, wonderful. (Why isn’t there more from this ‘verse?!)

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[P!ATD - Brendon/Ryan] Zee - In The Sound, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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