[P!ATD – Spencer/Brendon] ignipes – Hole-in-One

Title: Hole-in-One
Author: ignipes
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: Spencer is the worst mini-golf player in the entire world.


Oh gosh, this is the cutest fluff! I love how Spencer sucks at mini-golf and he’s proud of it and still loves to play it, LOL.

Best part EVER:

“It ate my ball.” Spencer sounded a little bit insulted, like he couldn’t believe a mini-golf hole would do such a thing. “The pipe ate my ball.”

“Maybe it likes eating balls,” Brendon said.

Spencer looked at him.

Brendon held out all of ten seconds before he cracked up. “It definitely likes eating balls.”

Spencer poked his club into the pipe. “Look, whatever this stupid pipe wants to do in the privacy of its own home is its own business, but right now it’s supposed to be working, not eating balls.”

“It has urges, Spencer. It’s just wired that way. You can’t blame it.”

“Yeah, I can.” Spencer set his club down, dropped to the ground, and stuck his arm into the pipe. “I’ll show this greedy fucker.”

“Sure, you show it.” Brendon watched for a few seconds. “You’re going to teach it a lesson by fisting it?”

Spencer snorted and glanced up, a fringe of hair falling over his eyes. “Never fails, especially on the first date.”

“I don’t think that kind of behavior is appropriate for a Family Fun Center.”

Seriously, WIN. And the pipe monster! Spencer’s crazy weird family! EVIL COCONUTS! Sneak-attack kisses! If this isn’t love, what is?! *heart*

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[P!ATD - Spencer/Brendon] ignipes – Hole-in-One, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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