[P!ATD – Ryan/Brendon] softlyforgotten – Let The Good Times Roll

Title: Let The Good Times Roll
Author: softlyforgotten
Rating: PG || Status: Complete
Summary: College AU

LJ | AO3

I love this, absolutely love it! I love Brendon stalking the Starbucks just to see “iPod Guy” and trying to figure out a way to talk to him but he can’t because he’s always on his iPod! And then they run into each other, literally, and exchange names and seriously, they are stalking each other! GAH!

And gosh, when Ryan stood Brendon up, I felt kind of bad for him, but that boy is persistant!

And he’s bouncing off his chair with his Hello, I Am Cool But Not Crazy grin firmly in place and is wildly grateful for a moment that he has never been that self-conscious. Ryan’s cheeks are pink again, but he turns his iPod off and smiles shyly in return and Brendon wants to laugh for no particular reason other than Ryan is really, really cute when he’s embarrassed.

“Hi,” he says breathlessly, “Hihihi, you stood me up.”

“I bought you your drink,” Ryan says quietly, looking at the floor.

“You did not fulfil the connected implication that you’d be there while I drank it,” Brendon informs him. “And that means I get to buy you a drink and you have to put up with me for, like, at least half an hour.”

“Put up with you?” Ryan says, looking a little dazzled.

“Hi,” Brendon says again, “I’m Brendon. I like The Little Mermaid almost but not quite better than Fall Out Boy. What d’you want to drink?”

Seriously, so cute!

And, okay, I kind of love this line:

Slowly, Brendon manages to trick Ryan into doing practically everything with him, without Ryan actually really noticing at all.

Oh Brendon, tricking Ryan? Really? That dork! XD And stealing Ryan’s key to make a copy? GAH! Seriously, SUCH A FREAK! XP

I love that both Spencer and Jon take college seriously because nerds are my favorite, it’s true. And Jon/Spencer? Totally my P!ATD OTP like whoa! *heart*

And, okay, this might actually be my favorite part (though it’s hard to say b/c so much awesome to be had here!):

After a week and a half of wondering whether he’s being too much of an asshole, of staring at his phone debating whether to call Ryan or not, and covering his ears with his hands whenever Jon tries to talk to him about it chanting, “you’re ruining the plan, you’re ruining the plan”, (and waking Jon up at odd hours of the night whispering “are you sure Spence doesn’t have a key for here? are you? he’ll kill me, Jon, you’re sure?”) Brendon decides it should be safe to venture outside for a while.

Gosh Brendon, you’re a FREAK! But I love it anyway and this fic is just too cute and fluffy and perfect. XD

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[P!ATD - Ryan/Brendon] softlyforgotten – Let The Good Times Roll, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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