[P!ATD – Ryan/Jon] untappedbeauty – Give Me Just Enough

Title: Give Me Just Enough
Author: untappedbeauty
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: You know how sometimes you don’t mean to fixate on something, but then you just kind of do? It’s like, you’ve never heard the word “scurrilous” before, but then one day you hear it and it starts popping up everywhere. That’s the way it is with Ryan’s cock. Well, it’s not popping up everywhere, obviously, but Jon just keeps noticing it. He’s not trying to or anything; it’s just…sort of huge. And Jon had known that, intellectually, but now he’s thinking about it all the time.

Give Me Just Enough

HOT, lol! XP There should be more bottom!Jon in the world because that is awesome. XP Also, monstercock and Jon being a size queen, LOL. But yeah, this fic is kind of 90% porn which I kind of wasn’t in the mood for, but it sucked me in anyway. XP

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