[P!ATD – Ryan/Brendon] jocondite – For Other Meanings Of Tsunami

Title: For Other Meanings Of Tsunami
Author: jocondite
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: It hadn’t been Brendon’s idea, not really. Well, in a way, it kind of was, but only if you squinted and sort of tilted your head to the side. Brendon had been more of a muse, really, to Ryan the fucking insane artiste.

For Other Meanings Of Tsunami

O.M.G! THIS FIC! Seriously, it kills me with it’s awesomeness! I absolutely LOVE Brendon’s voice in this — he’s just so dorky and his mind is all ramble-y and it’s just awesome.

He stopped blowing kisses and noticed that the others were staring at him. Well, Spencer and Ryan were; Jon was drawing lopsided little hearts and squiggly little cats into the margins of the notebook.

Spencer and Ryan exchanged those serious, lengthy glances that they used when other people, normal people, actually had a conversation, and then Ryan said slowly “That’s – that’s actually a good idea, considering.”

“Yeah,” Spencer said, “they’ll love it, and it’ll cost less than hiring a matador.”

“What?” Brendon demanded, “love what?”

“G-A-Y,” Jon scribbled down obediently, and added with a flourish of sharpie, “KISSING!!!”

Oh boys! What dorks! XD

And then there was Brendon being “confused” and wanting to make out with Ryan and being following Ryan around all the time and being super obvious and seriously, CUTE (YET DORKY) MUCH?! XD

I loved the boyscout!Jon conversation with the switchblade and “I’ll cut you, bitch” and Brendon asking around for advice (William! Pete’s text!) and super awkward and bad first kisses and how their together time just keeps getting interrupted, lol. And OMG, don’t even forget about the RESTROOM SCENE AT THE GAS STATION! SERIOUSLY, I WAS DYING WHEN BRENDON THREW OUT HIS NECK! OMG, WHAT! Seriously, it was 1:30 in the MORNING and I was trying not to burst out laughing! And the second attempt! OMG!

“Oh my god,” Brendon splutters, “Oh fuck, oh god, that’s disgusting, oh my god!” He frantically paws at his face. “This is the vilest taste that has ever been in my mouth!”

Ryan stares down at him. “I think that’s like the worst thing you could possibly say. In this situation. Ever.”

“Oh god,” Brendon continues, “I think you got some in myeye. Oh god, it stings. I’m going to go blind – ”

Ryan continues to stare as Brendon scrambles into the bathroom, where the sounds of frantic gargling and “my eyes, oh god, my burning eyes!” float out clear and distinct even over the white noise of running water.

Oh Brendon, you total MODE-KILLER! But yeah, seriously, you would think the amount of secondhand embarrassment in this fic would throw me off, but it totally doesn’t, lol.

And then there was how absolutely dense Brendon was. Seriously, he just came off as so douche-ish because obviously Ryan is in love with him and he just didn’t get it and I felt bad for Ryan because Brendon was just so SLOW. At least it was a happy ending. XP

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