[P!ATD – Gen] Charli J. – Crucial Differences Between Movement Supporters

Title: Crucial Differences Between Movement Supporters
Author: Charli J.
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: Whatever emptiness there is in your life, whatever hours unaccounted, you may fill them with this album.

Crucial Differences Between Movement Supporters

I really really love this fic. I think I’ve read it a bazillion times — I love that it’s Ryan/Brendon-ish, but that it doesn’t really take over the story and reads, for the most part, as gen with just some hint of Ryan/Brendon. I just love the flow of the story, how the the interview parts are woven into the narrative of the story. I really love Ryan in this — he was just perfect.

I love Brendon and Jon arguing about the direction of water flushing down the toilet in the beginning, lol, and how they immediately go check once they land. And the spouting of random Exxon Mobil facts! And the rhyming scene is awesome too.

“Oh.” Brendon stretches, props himself on an elbow to look down the narrow hall toward the front of the bus and then drop his head back to check behind him. “How about ‘claw’? Raw? Paw, chainsaw, coleslaw, outlaw, grandma, bylaw.”

“Coleslaw,” Ryan repeats, skeptical.

“That’s right,” Brendon says. He pinches Ryan’s thigh and his hand ends up staying there. “That’s right, I said it. I stand by it.”

Seriously, so cute. I kind of want to quote, like, everything because it was all so amazing, but I’ll try and limit myself. XP

“Are you enjoying yourself?”

“Yis. Tho mucth,” Brendon mumbles around a mouthful of cream and spongy cake. He says, “Mm. Hab thum,” and turns the unbitten side to Ryan, who dodges the pastry at first before finally giving in once he realizes that Brendon won’t quit. He manages to catch Ryan awkwardly, and the cream smears on his mouth. Brendon laughs and pops the rest of the twinkie in his own mouth, chewing happily.

Ryan swallows, says, “I always forget how sweet these are.”

Brendon says, “Dude, let me — I accidently creamed on your face,” and hovers closer, giggling at his own joke.

Ryan turns his head, trying to simultaneously lick the cream from his lips and drag his knuckles across his cheek. “I got it.”

“You act like I was about to kiss you,” Brendon says, stopping short.

“No, you were probably about to lick my face to be gross and freak me out.”

Brendon takes a bite of his second twinkie. He tucks in against his cheek to say, “I was just gonna wipe it. I have a moist towelette,” and actually produces said packet for Ryan anyway. “See?”

Oh Brendon, you’re such a dork. *heart*

I really liked this:

People like him make a fucking living off of screwing things up and writing about them afterwards. They never see anything coming. That’s part of the point. Hindsight is twenty-twenty and a platinum record.

Because, really, it’s kind of true, right?

And then track five, at the laundromat? Awesome!

“Screw you guys. I hate you all,” and the thing about Brendon is he still sometimes crosses his forearms in an X over his crotch when he tells them to suck it.

People on the crew call him ‘tumble dry’ for three days straight. They call him static cling, spin cycle, and lint trap. Right before a soundcheck, Ryan just calls him, “Brendon.”

Oh gosh, suck it, LOL. And calling him names! XDDDD

One of my absolute favorite parts has to be the interview during track seven:

“And obviously some things are different this time around. ‘Cause we know that earlier this year, you got rid of your first bassist, Brent. I’m sure most people have heard the story by now, but for those who may not know, what happened with that?”

He thumbs the button on his front pocket when the microphone tips toward him. Barely opening his mouth, Ryan says, “Um.”

Brendon leans his way and asks, “Did you know that two members of Supreme Court went to GMU, whose Law and Economics Center has received something like $180,000 from Exxon Mobil?”

The interviewer laughs. No, that’s news to him. He looks down at his pad of paper and tries again. “But were there lawsuits? I mean, you made some accusations — you said, wow, that he didn’t play any of the bass parts on the record, right?”

Jon puts down his water, nodding. He says, “Oh, yeah, Brendon’s right. And, I swear, it’s people like Dixy Lee Ray who have us thinking greenhouse gases don’t need our immediate attention.”

“And Spencer,” the interviewer says, turning to him now without rolling his eyes at the rest of them. “You were quoted as saying the difference between Jon and Brent is — I have here — ‘musical talent.'”

“Oh, uh,” Spencer says and glances at the rest of them for a second. He looks entirely serious when he turns back, and he folds his hands over the arm of the couch. “Well, you know, Brent didn’t believe in global-warming. And Jon’s just — ”

Ryan cuts in, adding, “Yeah, Jon learned how to fuel cars with diesel vegetable oil from, um, Carey Hart.”

OH GOSH, I love it so much, just the idea of them answering that interview question like that! Especially Spencer’s comment, OMG, because obviously, obviously they just can’t stay with someone who doesn’t believe in the seriousness of global warming! Really!

But my absolute FAVORITE part is track nine!

Sticking out his tongue quickly, Brendon still says, “I’m Brendon,” holding a hand to his chest, and then moving it to Ryan’s shoulder. “And this is Ryan.” His fingers are still cold. “And we are going on record — video record — to say that Gabe Saporta is abusive, and he plays dirty.”

Seriously, this is just amazing! I could just imagine how this would have went, lol, Ryan with his monotone-y voice and Brendon with total excitement and Spencer behind the camera, haha.

“He pulls me down,” Ryan corrects. “Like, he tackled me. And I have,” Ryan holds up his left arm, stepping a little nearer to the camera to show off the red scratch tracked along his forearm, “I have this now. My side hit the ground kind of hard, I think I twisted my ankle.”

“Poor guy. You want me to make it better?” Brendon says, and Ryan just turns toward him, so he can kiss the scratch without missing a beat.

What is this cuteness? WHAT? XD

“Officially. There’s gonna be a rumble.” Brendon points at the camera. “We’re coming for you, Cobra Starship. Watch out.”

Ryan says, “But Gabe’s mine. I’m gonna get him. With my, uh, secret karate chop action.”

Brendon makes a chopping move at the camera, and then turns his face up to Ryan’s. “You have karate chop action?”

Ryan nods. Completely straight-faced, he admits, “It’s almost as good as my running, actually.”

Laughing, Brendon says, “Okay, you have to teach me.”

“It’s a secret, Brendon.” Ryan holds a finger to his lips. “If I showed you, I’d have to kill you.”

“Oh.” Brendon’s eyes go wide.

Ryan nods again. “Yeah. I’m a little intense.”

Spencer flips the camera around to show himself. He pretends to slit his throat with his finger, and then closes the camera.

I don’t even know what to say because of all this amazing. XD

And then track ten? Perfect. *heart*

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