[P!ATD – Brendon/Ryan] addictedkitten – Carving Out Our Names

Title: Carving Out Our Names
Author: addictedkitten
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: The road to Maryland is paved with good intentions.

Carving Out Our Names

Early P!ATD fic! I kind of love those like whoa. XP I like Ryan taking care of Brendon in the beginning — it’s so sweet, and Ryan kind of pinning for Brendon and yeah, I’m a sucker for that. XP

“You wanna talk about it?” Spencer asks.

“No,” Ryan admits.

“Talk about what?” Brendon asks, emerging from the bathroom.

Spencer says, “Ryan’s love for you.”

Ryan’s heart drops to somewhere just south of his navel, but Brendon just smiles at him, soft and sweet enough to make Ryan’s stomach hurt a little. “I love you too, Ryan,” he says, and pulls Ryan into a hug. Ryan helplessly returns it, burying his face in Brendon’s neck and holding on tight.

“This is so touching,” Spencer says. “Let’s all go to bed now and sleep for ten hours.”

Instead of letting Ryan go, Brendon just walks them both over to the empty bed until the backs of Ryan’s knees hit it and he tumbles down, bouncing a little.

Spencer turns onto his side, watching with interest.

“Sleep with me instead,” Brendon says.

Dumbfounded, Ryan says, “Okay.”

“Sweet,” says Brendon.

That was, like, my favorite part. XP I love Spencer and how he doesn’t question Ryan too much and his scheming ways, lol. Seriously, Spencer is too awesome. *heart*

I love how dorky Brendon is and how Ryan isn’t sure what he wants with Brendon except more and OMG the early morning sleepy!sex = WIN. XP And the end = wonderful. *heart*

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