[P!ATD – Ryan/Brendon] zarah5 – Anyone Else But You

Title: Anyone Else But You
Author: zarah5
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: College AU. Panic never formed at high school. Instead, they meet at college, and in between striking up a friendship with his working colleague Spencer and trying to ensure that his roommate Jon doesn’t get sick of him, in between forming a band and writing songs, Brendon would really appreciate it if his bandmate (and Spencer’s best friend) Ryan Ross didn’t turn out to be Brendon’s TA. Especially considering their fling just before the start of the term.

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OH, THIS FIC! I haven’t read P!ATD in FOREVER and I miss these boys SO MUCH and it’s weird because they’re not together anymore and, seriously, why?! Seriously, I love this fic so much and I can’t believe I haven’t read it ’til now and it is AWESOME. I love the characterizations and the twist on their lives. I loved that Ryan and Brendon hooked up before school starts and the ensuing drama of Ryan being Brendon’s TA. I loved Jon and Spencer and their almost-but-not-quite relationship. I love the emotions and how insecure Brendon is about his friendships and Jon, realizing that and reassuring him that Brendon is his best friend. I loved how Brendon just wanted Ryan so much and trying to restrain himself, but it all blows up in the end. I loved climax and the “big romantic gestures” and them finally getting together and making out. And, okay, I really loved Ryan’s dirty-talk, LOL. XP (And yay, top!Ryan is my favorite, LOL. I remember there being a distinct lack of top!Ryan when I was still reading P!ATD regularly, so this is nice. XP)

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