[NSYNC – Justin/Lance] Synchronik – Matter & Antimatter

Title: Matter & Antimatter
Author: Synchronik
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: Justin lived his life by three basic principles. He wasn’t entirely sure what they were, but he knew they were three of them and if he were forced to articulate them they would probably have been something like: 1) Justin Timberlake is a basketball god who, had he not been destined for fame as an entertainer, would surely have ended up playing professionally, at least for a minor team with an outside shot like the Cavaliers or something, 2) Chris is cool, 3) Lance is the Man, not in the cool “you da man” way, but in a “fight the man” way, representing all that is uncool and uptight, even when Lance himself is being cool and un-uptight.

Matter (Lance’s POV)
Antimatter (Justin’s POV)

I love the contrast between Lance’s and Justin’s POVs. I mean, Lance is just like, sex and annoyed at Justin for cockblocking him whereas Justin is like Lance has sex?! and totally falling in love, LOLOLOL. These boys are too ridiculous. ♥♥

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