[NSYNC – Lance/Justin] Sola Fiamma – Gratuity

Title: Gratuity
Author: Sola Fiamma
Rating: R || Status: Complete


“Okay, then. I know a guy. He’s very good looking, really discreet and he’s great in bed. And the best thing is, he’ll only cost you–”

“A hooker? Are you out of your freaking mind?” Justin shrieks. “A hooker? A hooker?”

Gratuity @ Juppy.Org

Oh man, this fic! Seriously, the whole time that Justin was with Lance, and having all his hooker thoughts, I totally had a feeling that something was wrong and I could feel the second-hand embarrassment building, and OH MAN! The part with the handcuffs? I was totally feeling it more… And, I totally right, lol!

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