[MCR/FOB – Patrick/Gerard] dsudis – Sing Ourselves to Sleep

Title: Sing Ourselves to Sleep
Author: dsudis
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: Being exhausted is nothing like being drunk, but some nights Gerard gets too tired to remember that.

Sing Ourselves to Sleep

This was wonderful! I just like the whole feel of the story. ♥ And OMG, this part:

Patrick wakes up to black sheets in a dark bunk, surrounded by the familiar smoke-sweat smell of Gerard, with someone on the other side of the curtain whispering, “Gerard. Gerard?”

For a nightmare instant, he’s convinced he is Gerard Way, and he’s going to have to get up and be Gerard Way. Sweat breaks out under his arms and down his back, and when he opens his mouth no sound comes out. He thinks, It’s okay, if I can’t sing I don’t have to go on stage.

I KIND OF DIED, OKAY?! I mean, hint of body-switch, how can life be better?! (Well, I suppose an ACTUAL body-switch fic, but this is good enough!)

And then there was that little part with Frank talking on the phone with his girlfriend which was SO CUTE, I loved it, and also BOB.

“And Gerard and Patrick are trying to have a really special moment!” Bob adds, and Patrick actually grays out a little.


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