[P!ATD – Spencer/Brendon] twentysomething – I Want Something That I Want

Title: I Want Something That I Want
Author: twentysomething
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: “Formal recruitment is still technically new to Spencer, but she’s not a huge fan of it so far. Ryan had told her that getting to hold the basket is probably a compliment from Petey- “It means you’re a hotass, Spence,” is actually what Ryan said- but her feet sort of hurt and the house has gotten exponentially warmer in the last thirty minutes. Most of it’s been a blur of faces and pretty inane conversation, but the next girl in the house smiles shyly at Spencer from behind bright red glasses, tucking her long, dark hair behind her ear, nearly tripping on the door frame.

DW | LJ | AO3

This is so ridiculously awesome. ♥ My only knowledge of sorority life comes from watching Greek, so I only vaguely knew what some of the events were, but this is so cute, lol. Also, I’m always down for some pining and genderswap and Brendon and Spencer being ridiculously adorable. ♥

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