[FOB/CS – Suarez/Patrick] makesomelove – Everything I Know About Prom I Learned From Saved By The Bell

Title: Everything I Know About Prom I Learned From Saved By The Bell
Author: makesomelove
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete

Everything I Know About Prom I Learned From Saved By the Bell

THIS FIC IS AWESOME. Seriously, hooked from the first paragraph!

One day Patrick was in health class learning about The Facts of Life. Not like puberty and where babies come from, but the TV show. Mr. Bryar was crazy like that. Patrick actually lived with Mr. Bryar instead of his parents. It was like when Shawn lived with his teacher Mr. Turner on Boy Meets World only weirder because Patrick wanted to bone Mr. Bryar like, all the time. Mr. Bryar was really hot and he rode a motorcycle and Patrick was 17 years old, so he figured this desire was understandable if not acceptable.

How can you pass up this fic after that opening?!

Patrick put his head in his hands and sighed. “You’re a complete and total pedophile and I’m sorry to know you.”

“Whatever, at least I’m not Mr. Bryar’s catamite.”

“I am not! Where did you even learn that word, from your NAMBLA pamphlets?”

Seriously, this fic!

“So prom. Almost too prom to be believed.” Patrick looked around. He saw Pete and Ryan making out in the fold-up chairs by the punch tables. Gabe and Vicky T. were slowdancing, alongside Jon and Spencer and William and Travis and a bunch of other couples. Brendon had even gotten Zack to let him stand on his toes while they danced. Patrick never realized how almost everyone at his school was a big homo until that moment.

Why are you not reading this fic RIGHT NOW? XD

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