[FOB – Pete/Patrick] Gale – Suppose For A Moment

Title: Suppose For A Moment
Author: Gale
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: “Remember? A couple weeks ago, William called and told you he ran into his evil twin?”

Suppose For A Moment

I loved this, LOL. Yay for evil!Pete not really being evil (except to himself) and going for what he really wants. Also Patrick, for not being good enough to not sleep with Pete, lol. Then the conversation the next morning! And how Pete realizes why people want to punch him so much when he talks to evil!Pete, lol. I like that the ending is open because we don’t know what real!Pete will do — in my mind, he breaks it off with Ashlee, obviously, to be with Patrick because I’m a sap like that, okay?! XP

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