[FOB – Pete/Patrick] Kasha – Sessions

Title: Sessions
Author: Kasha
Rating: R || Status: Incomplete
Summary: Patrick is a studio musician. Peter is in a boyband. No, seriously.

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It saddens me that this fic will probably never be finished, but I still love it anyway, lol. Seriously, Pete in a boyband? What’s NOT to love?! Seriously, the band is named Fyre! They have awesome boyband song titles like “Oh Girl” and “U and Me 2night” and “Sexxxual Energy”! If this band existed back in the boyband days, I’d probably be all over it because I kind of loved *NSYNC and BSB and I am not afraid to admit it! (I even listen to that 90s pop now — don’t judge me!) And I love Patrick being an actual musician who has to work with them. Patrick researching Fyre = GOLD.

By the time his four days of “research” were up, he had managed to learn through several highly embarrassing trips to the magazine kiosk down the street that the band had five members—Jason, Chris, Joey, Johnny, and Pete(y)—and that their first album had been called Wild Fyre and had, horrifyingly, broken all sorts of sales records and that members of their official fanclub received the dubious honor of being known as “Flamers.”

Flamers! I just don’t even know what to say! XD

But yes, I kind of am in love with this and its epic awesomeness. Read! Just beware the incomplete-ness of it, lol.

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