[FOB – Pete/Patrick] giddygeek – I Can’t Read Lips (Unless They’re Touching Mine)

Title: I Can’t Read Lips (Unless They’re Touching Mine)
Author: giddygeek
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: Pete had felt a confusing mix of terror–because there it was, the future, and it was wearing argyle–and elation.

I Can’t Read Lips (Unless They’re Touching Mine)

This was lovely. I love the beginning and how Pete just fell and Patrick’s first kiss and how it was meant to be a joke, but turned out serious because these boys were MFEO, obviously! ♥ And then Patrick is such a heartbreaker and oh, these boys.

“I can’t, Pete,” Patrick said the next morning. He looked wrecked, like something had ripped him open, like his insides were falling out, or maybe that was just Pete’s imagination painting the scene how Pete wanted to see it. At that moment, he couldn’t have denied that there was a part of himself that he’d always hated, a jealous, mean part of his soul that couldn’t take a joke and didn’t fucking want to love anyone, because look what happened. And that part of him was thinking about maybe making Patrick bleed, just a little, just enough that he’d feel it for the rest of his life.

I think this was one of the best parts for me because it was so real and selfish and so Pete.

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