[FOB – Patrick/Pete] Zee – Hold Off Your Bets Now

Title: Hold Off Your Bets Now
Author: Zee
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: Don’t you know/how sweet and wonderful life can be?/I’m askin’ you, baby/To get it on with me.

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OMG THIS FIC! Patrick, he just wants to get it on but Pete is making him wait! And the whole time, you’re thinking, Okay, I guess you’re trying to be noble or whatever, but just stop and get on with the sex-ing! And then it kind of turns into WTF Pete, why do you keep acting like a douche to Patrick?! Then, OMG, the big reveal and seriously, it’s totally a virgin!Pete fic and I don’t think I’ve ever ever read virgin!Pete that is as awesome as this (seriously, I don’t think I’ve read virgin!Pete at all!). And like, I love how believable it is, how abso-fucking-lutely frustrated Patrick is and it’s amazing amazing amazing. Then the climax, I think I kind of died from the GUHHH because OMG RIMMING. =O MY LIFE IS COMPLETE, F’REALS! *heart*

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