[FOB – Pete/Patrick] Gale – A Five-Letter Word Meaning Ardor

Title: A Five-Letter Word Meaning Ardor
Author: Gale
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: Oh, like you’ve never had a crush on someone you work with?


He knows Pete likes guys. He knows this.

Not in the sense of “Patrick, there’s something I need to tell you,” but when a guy brings girls to rehearsal and introduces them as his “friend”, and you see them once or twice and never again after that, that’s one thing. But when the same guy brings guys to rehearsal — typically slim guys a year or two older than him, with t-shirts that rode up an inch or three when they stretched and girls’ jeans — that was like holding up a big sign saying, Hi, I’m Not Entirely Straight. He’d never made out with any of them where Patrick could see, but there’d been a lot of standing too close and fingers hooked through belt loops.

Patrick isn’t stupid. According to his SAT Prep classes, he’s actually pretty good at context clues.

A Five-Letter Word Meaning Ardor @ Gale’s LJ

Oh this fic..! I love it so much! Patrick is just so CUTE with his crush on Pete and it’s just… GAH! And there are parts like this:

It isn’t even about sex, Patrick tells himself. Okay, so maybe he’s spent the better part of the last two weeks in economics thinking about what it would be like to be one of those guys Pete brings to practice, to have Pete’s finger hooked through the belt loop on his jeans and feel him stand too close, but so what? It’s economics. Before that, he’d spent the better part of a week teaching himself how to make an origami swan.

It isn’t a big deal. Just because he’s spent the last couple of weeks — okay, *three*, but still — wondering what it would be like to kiss Pete, that doesn’t automatically make it a big deal. The health class they’d taken last year had been very clear in emphasizing that thinking about people of the same gender didn’t mean you were gay; it meant you were a teenager, and curious, and having that many hormones suddenly polluting your brain was bound to make anyone go hinky for a while.

So he wanted to kiss Pete. So what? Just because he’s thought about it every day for the last, like, month, and wondered what it would be like to feel Pete’s mouth against his own, and whether or not Pete would rest his hands on waist or grab hold of his shoulders, and if he could actually taste the thorns on Pete’s neck, the ink that went into them, or just the heat of Pete’s skin–

–okay, so maybe it’s about sex just a little.

And it’s just so awesome, lol, how Patrick just keeps denying his obsession crush and yeah. *hearts*

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