[CS/FOB – Gabe/Patrick] Gale – In The Sound

Title: In The Sound
Author: Gale
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: Skanky club bathroom head ahoy! Gabe/Patrick, almost-but-not-quite-legal-in-Illinois.

In The Sound

OMG this was hot and kind of cute at the same time, LOL. I love Patrick not recognizing that Gabe is Gabe Saporta from Midtown (!!!) until afterwards — so cute, haha.

“There you are.” Dark-Haired Guy is in the hallway, grinning at Patrick. “Thought I’d lost you for a minute, man.” He offers Patrick his hand. “Gabe.”

“Patrick,” Patrick says. “Hey. Do I know you or something?” He frowns. “I mean, you look familiar, but–”

“It’s okay,” Gabe says. He looks – amused, maybe? Kind of surprised, like Patrick’s supposed to know who he is. And Patrick really, really does not.

Oh Patrick! And amused!Gabe, lol. XD And then hot blowjobs! And then….

Joe’s voice is a little high-pithced. “You’re. Patrick, why are you locked in a bathroom with Gabe Saporta?”

BEST LINE EVER! OMG, seriously, what! *heart* And then afterwards, Patrick being all amused because it’s the reverse — Gabe not recognizing Patrick. XP

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[CS/FOB - Gabe/Patrick] Gale - In The Sound, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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