[BB – Daesung/Seungri] mandaffodil – Yes, You Know You Love Me (or, Seungri Has Sex With Everyone)

Title: Yes, You Know You Love Me (or, Seungri Has Sex With Everyone)
Author: mandaffodil / cascades
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete
Summary: seungri is sick of being treated like a baby, so he comes up with an ingenious plan to get his friends to see him as an adult: have sex with all of them! it takes him a little too long to realize that one of those friends is possibly quite a bit more than a friend.

DW 01 | 02
LJ 01 | 02

This was the first Big Bang fic I ever read and of course it’s about Seungri having sex with everyone, LOLOLOL. Oh Seungri, his logic was ridiculously fail and he kinda gave me secondhand embarrassment a lot with his seduction techniques, but I love him anyway! (I also found it funny that even with his fail plan, he somehow ends up succeeding in getting everyone, LOL.) Also, Daesung/Seungri is kinda my favorite because of Intimate Note, lol, but apparently not enough people think this way. =/

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