[FOB – Pete/Patrick] Gale – Bare Essentials

Title: Bare Essentials
Author: Gale
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: Straight-laced, by-the-book police officer Patrick Stump has always lived by the letter of the law — that is, until he is assigned to work with Detective Pete Wentz, a tough-as-nails, arrogantly handsome cop who knows exactly how to press his buttons. Staking out Klub Kashmir, Chicago’s hottest gentleman’s club, Patrick and Pete go undercover to bait the kidnapper of three young men — including two strippers from the club — while trying to keep their clashing personalities at bay.

Bare Essentials

Oh gosh, I kind of love this because cops and strippers = WIN. XP Seriously, Jon owning a gentlemen’s club! Ryan, Brendon, Spencer, Bill, and Pete as strippers! WHAT! And, like, when Spencer asked Patrick to join him and Zack for a threesome?! MY BRAIN BROKE, OMG! PATRICK, WHY RAINCHECK, WHY NOT YES RIGHT NOW?! XP

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