[Naruto – KakaIru] The Hoyden – How to File Form 39-B

Title: How to File Form 39-B
Author: The Hoyden
Rating: NC-17 || Status: Complete


“You are looking well, Iruka-sensei,” he said. “Although, if I may say, you look pretty good when you’re in bed and out of your mind, too.” He raised one hand in a wave and strolled out.

LJ | AO3

The slow-building of the relationships in this fic is awesome. I like how Iruka semi-adopts Naruto, and Naruto learning to cook, the later, Kakashi bumming dinner off them. The fight between Kakashi and Iruka and then later, the eventual start of their relationship. Overall, it’s super cute and definitely worth reading. ♥

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