[HnG – Gen] Luce Red – Shadows of a Voice

Title: Shadows of a Voice
Author: Luce Red
Rating: PG || Status: Complete
Summary: They had wrapped it in paper, and he touched the stained, yellowing covering with trepidation. It was smaller than he expected, but still heavy enough that the thud as it landed on the ground made him jump. His heart beat with the thought that this object, the thing that he had been searching for, was finally in his hands. He paid, the man grinned again, awfully, in that darkened alley, and left.

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This is an old one, but I’ve never read it before. The plot of the fic is really gripping, lol. Isobe is such an unlikeable person — I mean, I thought so we saw the side story with him in the series, but this just reminds me of how annoying he is. As for the mystery, I never really had any doubt of who the ghost was while I read this fic. I mean, at times, I was like, “Why would he do this?!” but in the end, it was pretty much just Isobe’s douche-y personality, lol. XP

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