[HnG – AkiHika] Harukami – The Rumour Mill

Title: The Rumour Mill
Author: Harukami
Rating: R || Status: Complete
Summary: All things considered, the interviews were the easiest part of being a pro Go player. Hikaru had thought it would be the hardest part, but after the first few he found himself just relaxing and answering with cheerful honesty or, at least, some nice half-truths.


I’m going back to my LJ memories for HnG fics! Oh man, I haven’t read this one in forever, but it’s still so good! This is probably one of my favorite HnG fics ever. ♥ I just think that the whole feel of this fic fits with what I image life post-canon would be like.

I love how ridiculous Shindou was over the rumor and how Touya is just whatever about it. And then when Touya changes his look because of what Shindou says (especially the hair!), I will tell you, I was absolutely horrified! (Because Touya is Touya and it’s just not right, LOLOLOL!) But yeah, this fic just gives me all the feelings and I could reread it a bazillion times. ♥♥

(Also, there is this sequel with Hikaru telling Akira about Sai.)

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[HnG - AkiHika] Harukami - The Rumour Mill, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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