[HnG – HikaAki] mousapelli – Chuban (Mid-game)

Title: Chuban (Mid-game)
Author: mousapelli
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: 2 AM is really not the time for deep self-reflection, in Touya’s opinion. (Sequel to Aftermath & Exhibition Game)

Kira-Kira.net | LJ

Oh, this is lovely! ♥ It hurt my heart a little that Shindou felt like he had to doubt his relationship with Touya. Good thing he has Touya to set him straight. ♥ These boys always give me all the feelings.

There had never been room in Touya’s life for anything besides Go, not sleepy Sunday morning blowjobs or horribly embarrassing karoke or lukewarm bathwater being sluiced repetively over his back, but there was room for Shindou, because Shindou was Go, inside and out, it oozed out his pores and steamed in the air when the morning was cold and they were waiting for the train.


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