[HnG – AkiHika] Aja – A Whole New Apocalypse

Title: A Whole New Apocalypse
Author: Aja
Rating: PG-13 || Status: Complete
Summary: So Hikaru has this problem, and it starts and ends with Touya.


So Hikaru has this problem, and it starts and ends with Touya.

When he tries to talk to Waya about it, Waya naturally gets it all wrong.

“So you like him.”

“No,” says Hikaru firmly. “I don’t like him, like him!” Waya is looking confused, so Hikaru tries to explain again; only he gets tangled up somewhere between “Touya” and “touching” and it comes out like a spectacularly clumsy error on a goban.

“Only I’m not gay so it’s not like that,” he ends awkwardly.

Waya is trying to be gentle, Hikaru can tell, the way you might with a mental patient. “But Touya thinks you are.”

“No. Maybe. He might.”

“Because you can’t stop touching him.”

“But only accidentally!”

“Accidentally all the time.”

“But not like that!”

“Except that he thinks it’s like that.”

“Yes!” says Hikaru triumphantly, relieved to be understood at last.

A Whole New Apocalyse @ Not Quite Royal

This fic is just so CUTE! I love how Shindou is all crisis-y over Touya maybe liking him that way and the Shindou/Touya interaction and GAHHH! I’ve seriously re-read this fic a bazillion times because I love Touya and I love Shindou and I just love them together, and they are so awesomely cute in this fic. Seriously, if I could just quote this whole fic, I so would! There’s just too many awesome parts that my brain can’t handle it!

And then it’s like a thousand Go stones landing in his stomach at once, and Hikaru wants to keep Touya like that forever. Not just as a rival thing but as a you-and-me thing. He wants to make it official.

He wants to do something crazy, like run his hand down Touya’s perfectly straight back and keep it at his waist, right now, in public, so everybody can see it. So that everybody can see Shindou Hikaru’s hand on Touya Akira’s waist and know that this is how they are, the two of them, how they always will be.

THIS PART is like, my favorite part. I LOVE Touya and Shindou and their awesome relationship and I totally need to watch Hikaru no Go a bazillion more times because HnG is JUST THAT AWESOME.

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[HnG - AkiHika] Aja – A Whole New Apocalypse, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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