[GW – 2+1] Jei – A Slip of Tongue

Title: A Slip of the Tongue
Author: Jei
Rating: G || Status: Complete
Summary: Duo’s mouth and good intentions slip him up again.

A Slip of the Tongue @ The Turnip Patch

This fic is just so cute! Duo just rambling away and then trying to correct his slip of tongue, haha. And Heero, he’s so cute too! How he is kinda jumping around in the conversation (I totally do stuff like that too) and throwing Duo off, haha. And when he just laughs at Duo’s “hobby crush”! GAHHH!! XD And then when Heero was all, “Just ask me out”.. So cute. *heartheartheart* And when Heero said that Duo was the only one in his potential dating pool.. AWWW! The sweetness just slays me. XP I was pretty much want to laugh while reading this, but had to hold it in since I was reading during a lecture in class. XP But yeah.. *hearts* I really need to rec some of the other stuff Jei has written, because it’s all pretty awesome. XP And it’s definitely a nice little bit of fluff after having read The Empty House yesterday.

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